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Master The Lifeblood Of Your Company With The Ultimate Free Tool: The Daily LeadFlow Calculator!
With The Daily LeadFlow Calculator You'll Get…
  Metric-Driven Marketing: Identify marketing methods to simply double your Daily LeadFlow, and your business potential.
  Unite Your Team: Communicate to everyone the exact metric each marketing initiative requires to scale beyond 7 figures.
  Let Simple Numbers Remove The Guesswork: Allow a CMO's view to identify holes in your lead systems.
  Leverage Your Winners: Turn "sweat-equity marketing", into long-term 'drip-assets' (to level out your LeadFlow, and free you).
The Daily LeadFlow Calculator is the easiest way for 7+ figure entrepreneurs to identify strong marketing decisions.
Here's what some of our members had to say...
From, "why do I feel like the cash isnt there", to "oh, that's why the cash isn't there"! I had a piece missing, and you just solved the gap in my mind of 'why I'm not getting more sales from my leads'?
There's so many numbers to look at but this brought it down to the core things to look for, the frame. Now it gives me permission to get creative again. This makes it fun again. It's not overwhelming.
This is the stuff that makes the difference between having massive success and moderate success.
I'm Steve J Larsen, serial entrepreneur, and proud 'Capitalist Pig'! I help creative business owners create automated lead machines, and replace themselves as the main revenue driver in their business. 

I've only shown the Daily LeadFlow Calculator a handful of times from stage, but based on how much it helped, we turned it into a downloadable template to share with you! It will help you and your team prioritize and clearly explain the goal for your marketing activities.

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